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Science Pavilion UZH

Our Philosophy

When presenting research topics, we pay attention to the following points:


wheelchair symbol

The museum is accessible. This includes the possibility to move the navigation of the touch screens downwards by pressing a button.

Waste reduction

Symbol for detachable film

Every exhibition island has explanatory panels behind. When an exhibition island is replaced with a new one, the panels remain intact and only the electrostatic film with the explanations is changed.

Augmented reality

Symbol AR

The museum's display windows illustrate the history of the origins of the earth. For a playful and interactive communication of this complex matter, these are animated using augmented reality and described by a voice.

"Leichte Sprache"

Symbol for "leichte Sprache" Book with thumb up

The explanatory texts on the formation of the earth are also written in "leichter Sprache", without the imparting knowledge losing depth.


Symbol for men and women melted together

The museum portrays the research groups of three female professors and four male professors. Female professors have leading roles in three of the five research projects displayed.